Feline Enthusiast Launches YouTube DIY Woodworking Series

by Chris Noyes

We’re always impressed when reading stories about people who learned new skills during the pandemic. One such story is Los Angeles based YouTuber, feline enthusiast, and amateur woodworker Daralyn Kelleher. Over the course of the pandemic, Daralyn launched a humorous DIY woodworking YouTube series called “All By Myself” which has since garnered thousands of views.

Daralyn was born and raised in Harvard, MA and studied at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Which undoubtedly attributed to her fluency in English, French and Spanish languages. Prior to settling in Los Angeles, Daralyn had pursued acting and performed stand-up comedy for five years in New York City, continuing for one year when she returned to Los Angeles. With the onset of Coronavirus’ cultural and global restructuring, Daralyn found herself with the spare time to begin a new chapter in her life.